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Packaging Waste Recycling Services

Circular Green (Pty) Ltd is a packaging waste recycling company currently based in Limpopo, South Africa. The company was established to solve two problems:

1. Change people's lives by introducing a new income stream.

2. Leave a clean environment as a by-product of solving the income generation issue (point 1 above).

Hence, We manage to solve these problems every time we conduct our business. As such, we pride ourselves by seeing families able to feed and clothe themselves from our operations and the clean environment that we get to live in due to our efforts.

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Your Local Recycling Experts

- Our vision - is to be a leader in environmental care and packaging waste management in Limpopo and ultimately, South Africa.  In simple terms, ours is to bring the benefits of the science and design engineering of the packaging industry to ordinary communities to bring about jobs and bread to the table, thus, effecting socio-economic empowerment and simultaneously leaving a clean environment as a by-product.

Our name “Circular Green” is a result of our strong support for the principle of “Circular Economy” which we believe will not only benefit the environment but also all that live in it. In the packaging industry, circular economy underpins the design of sustainable, recyclable and compostable packaging that should change the reality of acute water and land pollution that is seen in our rivers and oceans and on the streets every day.

- We aim - to change people’s lives in a sustainable manner and leave a clean environment as a by-product. Therefore, even though the materials collection is important in this industry, we also measure ourselves in relation to the number of families that are able to feed themselves and clothe their kids in poor communities and the people and animals that get to live in a clean healthy environment in places where our operations are present.

Real impact occurs when real people are first to benefit. Hence, our motto “Clean Environment. Changed Lives”. This summarises why we do what we do!

About Us: About Us

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Mon - Fri: 8am - 4pm
Sat: 7.30am - 6pm
Sun: Closed

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